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About Us

Chase Cycles was originally established in 1995 by Peter Tuckey and I have owned it since March 2013, having worked part time at the shop for the previous 15 years. I have been a keen cyclist for more years than I care to remember and have 30 years of experience in the cycle industry. 

At Chase Cycles we try and spend as much time with our customers as possible to discover and satisfy their needs. It's very important that people are happy with their purchase, whether it be a new bicycle, or just a pump. We encourage people to test ride bikes so that they can be sure of their purchase. We take great pride in finding out exactly what the customer wants and advising them on what choices we can offer to suit them.

Nigel Tidman



Happy to Help

"Time and again, customers tell us they are astonished at our depth of stock. I think they are expecting just a little village shop but they find we have far more to offer than the Big Boys in Town. We know we're good, we're just waiting for everyone else to find out!"

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